Cross Training Lutheran Campus Ministry


Cross Training Lutheran Campus Ministry is an effort of River Heights Lutheran Church to keep college students growing in God’s Word.

Our campus ministry is not only for ELS and WELS students but any others who want to learn more about their Savior. We serve students at the University of North Dakota and Northland College.

Our campus ministry is named Cross Training to describe our purpose:

  1. We train at the feet of Christ’s cross by growing in his Word, the Bible.
  2. Our cross-training name recognizes that university students are learning across different disciplines, arts, and sciences. We want to connect their learning across the board with God’s Word and fit them together. Students also learn how they serve God in their vocations and future work.
  3. As cross-training is a sports term, we recognize the importance of fun, games, and recreation as a campus ministry. It’s important not only to study as Christians but also to have fun as Christians too.

Here are some examples of what we offer throughout the year:

  • Weekly Bible study on the campus of UND with free food.
  • Rides to our Sunday morning worship services
  • Special events like rock climbing or sports at the UND wellness center!
  • Spring sports outdoors after worship in April
  • Plenty more fun events, which we cater to our students’ interests
  • Bagel back-to-school welcome where we have a free breakfast, bagels, or pretzels for the first few weeks of the school year.
  • We have our welcome softball game every Fall.
  • Check out pictures and updates at our Facebook page: